Mana Osawa 

Born in 2000, lives in Japan. She self-taught works are new and captivate viewers with their vivid, red-based worldview. TV appearance on BSfuji “Break Zenya”, 2020. In addition to painting, also creates NFT ART and Photography. has also published a photo book and is active in a wide range of fields.

<ART is Entertainment> Mana Osawa creates art with the desire to bring energy and power to everyone.Her goal is to create ART that is like the "sun. 
That’s “Warm” Something that cannot be seen with the eyes, but can be felt... an existence Japan called "Ki". It is also Her name meaning and the concept of power, “Mana" the concept of force, and she incorporates it into her works, which she think the source of life, or food that was distributed to people in the Once upon a time.

The key color she uses to represent "warm" is red. Red is the color of blood, which all humans and almost all living things have. The color red has all the positive elements for Osawa, as it can represent not only life force, but also victory, festivity, and passion.